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   ELSYS was founded in 1991 and specializes in development and full-scale production of electronics products, mainly RF and microwave units, used in complex radio engineering systems and complexes.

   During more than 20-year period of activity, the company developed a wide range of microwave products, including power amplifiers, amplifiers with power limiters, amplifier blocks for radars, broadband amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, power limiters, power dividers/combiners, microwave receiving modules, generators etc. More detailed information about the products is given in the relevant sections of the site.

   When developing and manufacturing our products, we use advanced technologies and equipment, best components from the world’s leading manufacturers, what allows us to constantly improve the design of products, raise their quality and reliability. This was also favored by certification of the company’s quality management system for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2001 standard in 2006 and of ISO 9001:2008 standard in 2010.

  Thanks to the high quality, the company’s products are in stable demand on domestic as well as international markets resulting in production volume growth.

  When developing new products, individual technical requirements and requests of the customers are given maximum consideration while ensuring minimum development time.

Placing premium on research and development, ELSYS offers its customers various products and services meeting high standards and is ready to consider any proposals for mutually beneficial cooperation.


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Our production
  • MSHB 37R1

  • MSHB 75G

  • MSHB 88

  • MSHB 93

  • MSHB 94

  • MSHB 117

  • MSHB 128R1

  • MSHB 130R1

  • ELP 2

  • ELU-3-28-1

  • ELU-3-30

  • ELUM-110

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