Surface Movement and Perimeter protection Radar

The ELR 55303 is a Doppler radar with mechanical scanning of the antenna beam and pulse compression. Radar is designed for

  • Detection of slow moving objects on the earth or sea surface;
  • Detection of low-flying small-sized aircraft;
  • Determination of target coordinates (azimuth and range), EPR, radial velocity and Doppler spectrum width;
  • Selection and recognition of targets;
  • Terrain mapping;
  • Port Security.

Characteristic Value
Operating frequency range X-Band
Operating frequency band 400 MHz
Instrumental range 0.1 … 30 km
Peak transmit power 30 watts
Maximum average transmitter power 3 watts
Pulse Frequency 3 kHz to 25 kHz
Pulse Duration 1 μs to 6 μs
Radiated Signal Pulse ChF
Receiver noise figure < 2.5 db
Elevation span 20º
Azimuth Sector 360º
Maximum antenna scan speed 60º / s
Measure target coordinates Azimuth Range
Range Resolution 5 … 60 m
Target azimuth accuracy 1.8º
Range Accuracy 15 m
Radial Velocity Accuracy 0.1m / s
Minimum measurable speed 0.2 m / s
Maximum target speed ≤60m / s
Coordinate system 1. WGS-84,

2. Radar

Dimensions 1.2 x 0.5 x 0.75 m
Weight 69 kg
Power Consumption (Max) 300 watts
Power 220 V, 50 Hz, or

24 V DC

Operating temperature range – 40С to + 60С