3D Perimeter protection radar

The ELR 55307 is a Doppler radar with pulse compression, mechanical azimuth and electonic elevation scanning. Radar is designed for:

  • Detection of airborne, ground and maritime targets in clutter environment;
  • Detection of UAV’s with low radar cross section at low heights and velocities;
  • Determination of target coordinates (azimuth, range and altitude), RCS, radial velocity and curse;
  • Selection and recognition of targets;
  • Terrain mapping;

Characteristic Value
Operating frequency range X-Band
Antenna type Slotted waveguide with radome
Peak transmit power 200 W
Average transmit power 20 W
Receiver noise figure <2.5 dB
Coordinate system WGS-84 and polar
Communication interface 1000BASE-TX Ethernet
Instrumental range 30 km
Elevation coverage -5° to +50°
Azimuth coverage 360° (continuous), Sector
3D coverage rate 3 to 12 rpm
Targets coordinates Azimuth-Altitude-Range
Target location accuracy in range 10 m
Target location accuracy in azimuth
Target location accuracy in elevation
Target radial velocity accuracy 0.8 m/s
Min. radial target velocity 2 m/s
Dimensions (H*W*D) 855*1062*426 mm.
Weight 75 kg
Operating Temperature Range -40°С to +60°С
Power consumption 500W (max)