“Elsys” has developed a new power amplifier UM-10

The new development of Elsys” engineers  is intended to amplify the RF pulse signals in the frequency from 2.75 GHz to 3.25 GHz. It provides the output power min 50dBm at input power 25dBm and duty cycle Q = 100 (1%). It may be operated at pulse width of up to 300µs and signal duty cycle Q = 10 (10%). Input/output VSWR is max 1.4.

   Power supply of the amplifier is bipolar: +28 V and –12V. Consumption current from +28 V power supply is 250 mA at duty cycle Q = 100, and efficiency = 35%. Consumption current from minus 12V power supply does not depend on the output power and is 15mA.

   Input Connector – SMA female; output connector – socket type III, GOST 20265-83 (7/3). N-type connector may be used at the output.

   The amplifier is designed in a hermetically sealed case and is provided with structural elements for mounting on a heat sink. Overall dimensions are 200х70х27mm without protruding connectors.

   The amplifier circuit diagram includes circuits for thermal stabilization of transistor quiescent current in the temperature range from minus 50 ° C to +60 ° C and transistor protective circuits in the absence of negative supply voltage. There is also a TTL-compatible input for forced switching-off of the amplifier power supply.